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Website Design

If you're looking for a professional website for your business we can assit you in the following:

Structure: From the content you provide, we'll structure a user-friendly format to help your users find content easily.

CMS: This stands for Content Management System. We specialise on the Joomla CMS which empowers you to make your own modifications to your website easily and as many times as you need.

Design: We believe that the design layout of your website can make a huge difference to convincing your website visitors. We will ensure that your design is relevant.

Affordability: We have structured design packages which are designed for different sized companies.

Mobi Web Design

Mobile devices of various screen sizes come and go and this poses a problem when implementing a mob website. Today’s mobile devices can view normal desktop websites.

However the websites will look as if they have been squeezed onto a small screen. This will mean that the user will have to zoom in and scroll left and right and may cause your website visitors to be impatient.

One way of solving this issue is to have a mobi version website. The problem with this solution is that you have to maintain two websites and you also have to maintain two websites each time you need to edit something on your website.


Online Marketing

Having Online Presence doesn't stop at a website, we are experienced in Google Pay-Per-Click services and we can assist you to have a profitable online presense as follows:

  • Goal Setting: We determine the goal of your online campaign. Whether you want a specific product to sell or to brand your business or any other goal you have in mind.
  • Keywords Selection: We Compile a list of keywords that can bring you relevant traffic for your specific budget
  • Geographical targeting: Your budget won't be wasted on people outside your geographical reach. So we'll target traffic from the relevant geographical areas.
  • Landing Page: First Impressions matter all the time. A landing page that is designed with the right layout can make a difference to your success.
  • Tracking: We go further to investigate how your website traffic interacts with your website. Eg. Are they clicking the Contact Us button, are they requesting for more info?
  • Optimisation: From all the statistics and tracking info, we continuously tweak your online activity from your website to your online ads to make your overall online presence a profitable one.


Emails, Hosting and Domains

If you are still using @yahoo.com or @gmail.com email addresses, you will be perceived as a small player in your business environment.

From a small monthly budget you can register a domain (www.example.com) and sign up for a web hosting account which will enable you to have email addresses such as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Definition of Web Hosting: Every website sits on a server somewhere in the world which allows people to view it from any computer that has an internet connection. A server is a computer that is always online to serve information. This requires insurance, internet connection, maintenance, physical security, backup systems.

For this reason, we offer shared hosting services where you can have all these benefits at affordable rates. With shared hosting services, you are allocated a space on servers that are managed by a company that ensures that all websites on these servers are always operational.


e-Commerce Web Development

The purpose of an eCommerce website is to automate the shopping process on the internet. An eCommerce website should be user-friendly and secure. We use an award winning shopping cart system, OpenCart, to produce a user-friendly shopping website that will help increase your business profitability:

  • Payment Methods: You can opt to use one or more payment methods including bank transfer, intant EFT, credit card or paypal checkout etc.
  • Encryption: It is important to make it impossible for hackers to see your client's informatioin as they are entered onto your eCommerce website. We prevent by installing an SSL certificate which will prevent even experienced hackers from seeing your website visitors' sensitive information.
  • Paypal: This has become the most popular and most secure way for your clients to make payments online using their credit cards without the risk of anyone seeing credit card details.
  • Payfast: This is the South African payment method that allows secure credit card payments in a similar way as Paypal with several options suited for the South African market. Instant EFT allows your client to pay using bank transfer where the payment will be automatically updated on the eCommerce website.

About Us

We are a young Digital Marketing Agency in Pretoria that believes in contributing to the growth of your business through Digital Marketing. We have built over 100 websites for small businesses, the government and emerging entrepreneurs.

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